Friday, October 01, 2010

To Ruffle or Not to Ruffle?

I had a really big 'Duh!' moment a few weeks ago...

At some sale in times past, I picked up McCall's 5522; I liked the lines on it.

I've pulled it out a time or two and thought about giving it a go, but the thought of altering it gave me the shudders. Then, after I finished up my Labor Day projects I picked it up and suddenly noticed something that I'm sure I knew when I bought it but had completely forgotten: It's got different pieces for B/C/D cup sizes.


Suddenly, the whole alteration thing got much simpler and I began tracing the pattern and altering for my non-standard measurements.

About 10 minutes at a go. I've been working on this ONE pattern since Labor Day. And I'm ALMOST done cutting it out of some black-and-white striped shirting.

If I decide to put the ruffles on it, that is.

I cut out the ruffle pattern pieces and marked them to be cut on the bias; I thought that would look cool with the stripes.

But as I was cutting the main body of the shirt out, I suddenly got cold feet about the ruffles. Would they make it look to costumey? I didn't cut 'em.

Now, however, I'm swinging back the other way...ruffles are IN, they're different from other stuff in my wardrobe, My Sweet Baboo likes ruffles...what to do, what to do...

I think I'll cut 'em out for now; I've got some a couple of other things I want to cut out today and tomorrow before I head for the sewing room, so I've got a question for all my loyal bloggy buddies...

What do you think? Would the ruffles be Too Much?

Oh, and here's part of the reason I've been so slow at this:


  1. Actually that pattern the ruffles aren't too bad, and I'm busty to boot.

    I made them with it and without it once. I totally prefer them with since it brings it up a little bit ad gives it some interest.

  2. *chanting* Always ruffle, Always ruffle. :)

    I agree ruffles are WAY in, so it would be trendy to put them in, but with the wide stripe fabric...hmmm I see where you might think it's costume like. I'd be torn too but I'm so addicted to ruffles I'd have to ruffle it regardless. You have to go with whatever your design eye is telling you though. Best of luck, love the cat pic.

  3. I am chanting ruffles, ruffles, rufffles!! I grabbed this pattern not to long ago and it is on my to do list as well. Can't wait to see your finished product.

    Love the kitty

  4. Hmmm . . . I'd say the ruffles would be a bit costumey; a little feminine mime due to the stripes. I think that if the fabric weren't black and white stripe, let's say a navy small plaid, it would be very on trend and look fine (especially with bias ruffles!). I'm petite, too, so I tend to shy away from too much ruffle and froof.

  5. Summerset, that's EXACTLY what I was's the width of the black-and-white that's the problem. If it were black w/white pinstripe I think it'd be ok.

    I have some plaid fabric that would look great in the ruffles; I've just about decided to make this shirt w/o ruffles, as the fabric is a pretty dramatic statement by itself, and then, if the top suits, I'll make it again in the plaid with the ruffles...probably narrowed a bit...

    'course, this is subject to change right up until I trim those seams ;)

  6. Only because of the stripe I'd vote no to the ruffle. In a solid or a tiny dot--yes. Sweet kitty! I have a beagle that likes to lie on my work table! (Which is my bed with a board on it.)