Sunday, May 09, 2010

Choir Sundays 2010 #15

May choir colors: Turquoise, white and/or black w/blue jeans.

I finally pulled out my spring/summer jackets; this is the jacket from Vogue 8045 in a white poly/cotton twill from Hancock's, worn over the scoopneck Simplicity 4076 in a poly/cotton? jersey from the Vogue Fabrics booth at the Atlanta Expo(...two? Three? years ago...) worn over my test version of the Jalie 965 Tank top, from a poly/rayon?/lycra jersey from the cheap table at Wal-Mart.

The jeans are my Regular Lee Bootcuts, which means they're really about 3" too long and I should wear high heels. I wore the lowest shoes I could get away with...not ready to subject the low back to standing through worship (twice...) in heels.
The shorter jeans have disappeared into the black hole of the laundry; I'm beginning to think they got put into someone else's basket...I'll have to make inquiries amongst the children to see if someone has my jeans in his/her closet....

Happy Mother's Day to everyone who's raised kids, mentored kids, taught kids, rocked kids, loved kids or prayed for kids! Great is your reward in heaven... ;)

It also happens to be The Actor's 17th birthday; he was born on Mother's Day, 1993. Time flies... (and yes, he chose a cherry cheesecake instead of a baked cake for his birthday. We tried candles last year...they won't stand up on cherry pie filling!!!)

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  1. You're looking very summery now!

    Happy BDay to the actor! We often have non-traditional birthday cakes, too. Candles can be a challenge.