Sunday, May 30, 2010

Choir Sundays 2010 #18

May Choir Colors: Turquoise, white and/or black w/blue jeans

The Jeans are from Coldwater Creek; I've got on a turquoise silk/lycra charmeuse shell top modified from Loes' Hinse's City Dress, and a white poly/cotton twill Vogue 8045 jacket.

I finished the HMC mantles yesterday and turned them over to the staff last night; if you're curious, you can see the whole grad service online tonight, starting at 6 PM Central, at The Artist will be participating as an alumni tonight...the young man who was going to play Jesus had a bad sprain/fractured ankle and is walking in a boot so he's playing the part of the understudy.

I think I'll be much relieved to see him playing Jesus instead of the enemy... ;)

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