Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Tragic End of Macbeth...

Tragedy takes many forms...some are devastating, some merely discouraging.

The production of Macbeth has had a rather sudden demise...a multitude of factors contributed to it, not the least being that, in this uncertain economic climate, with school funding at critical levels, our director/drama teacher found an opportunity for employment in a well-funded private school and took the opportunity.

Who can blame him? He has a mortgage to pay like everybody else and he didn't have tenure.

But that left Macbeth quite without direction.

So, the magnet coordinator, our tech theater teacher and a young lady who was helping with Macbeth and who has completed her bachelor's in theater teamed up to produce another play; the kids auditioned last night, the cast was set today, and they will rehearse virtually every day this month to stay with the original opening night of April 30.

The new play is Six Characters in Search of an Author...not something I recognized, which I suppose shows my ignorance as I'm told it is a classic piece, written early in the 20th century. It is a bit abstract and cerebral...not the kind of theater that *I* particularly care for, but the kids are excited about doing it.

Which is good, because they're going to be working awfully hard.

I, however, am not going to be doing nearly so much. The costuming for this show is going to be via procurement, not production. It's going to be costumed in contemporary garb, so the kids will likely have a good bit of stuff in their own closets. I'd rather sew than run around looking for things, but, well, you do what you gotta do.

I probably won't post much about it; mostly because I have a distinct feeling of not knowing what in the world I'm doing.

But I might have a chance at getting back on track w/my 12 garments in 12 weeks plan...we'll see...

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  1. That's good and bad. Too bad the circumstances surrounding the entire change of plans, but good that maybe you'll get a little breather this year.