Monday, April 26, 2010

Slipped again

Once upon a time, I decided I would declare one week out of every three months to be my 'home focus week' -- I'd stay off the internet, not schedule any appointments or volunteer activities and work on some project that needed attention at home.

Then I got a part-time job, and, while I still manage to stay off the internet, the 'stay home and accomplish things' part of the plan sort of went away.

And I did a BUNCH of running around town last week...I put about 110 miles on the car on Thursday and never left town.

And I didn't get much sewing done, either.

I've been working on a test garment of Jalie 2909 (the 'Classic Trousers') from a poly-lycra blend suiting I nabbed off the cheap table at Wal-mart. I got them to the point that all they needed was a trouser hook and the legs hemmed and determined that I needed to:

1) move the hip curve down about 2". The sideseam ripples a bit above the fullest part of my hips.

2) Add a pinch of ease to the whole garment. To my mind, in woven 'classic' pants, stretch in the fabric should be for ease of movement, not for fitting. These are pretty snug.

3) scoop the back crotch a bit

4) angle the back seam of the waistband in a bit and, after a bit of deliberation

5) put the center front seam on grain.

I'd also drafted pockets for the pants, but they were too deep and the opening was too long.

I pulled the pattern out and worked it over to accomplish those five things, plus I overhauled my pocket draft. Then I pulled out some black-and-white stripe printed cotton/lycra I got from Ann...last spring?...and cut out another pair (I still need pocket linings and interfacing).

Then I finished up the first pair. I'd give the fit about a C+ on that pair, given the items mentioned above. I like the color combo on the fabric, though, so I think I'll just make sure I pair 'em up with a top that's long enough to cover the too-high-hip-curve ripples and wear 'em for a while. With a longer top on, they really don't look *too* bad.

I'll do a full review w/photos when I get the second pair made.

So, while I didn't *finish* a Gorgeous Things garment, I made some progress on one.

Oh, and I decided I'd use the rest of the black and white stripe to make another McCall's 5191 jacket.

But I won't wear the pants and the jacket together. Just so you know. ;)

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