Thursday, April 08, 2010

Scatch That

Once the dominoes start falling, they just keep going...

After 2 rehearsals, Six Characters has also been scratched...besides the impossibly tight schedule, it turns out that there are some issues raised in the play that are, well, inconvenient for the student body at large at this time (an alumnus committed suicide a couple of weeks ago; the play ends with one of the characters shooting himself).So.

The kids are to consider over the weekend and come up with either monologues or small group skits to do for a showcase night.

It'll give them something to work on, and hopefully by next year there will be order and purpose in the house once more.

I don't handle roller coasters well; I'm feeling a little dizzified...


  1. Look on the bright side--more time to sew for you! Sorry for the kiddo though.

  2. I was getting a little 'over my head' feeling when I went to discuss costuming this afternoon; so, yeah.

    the kiddo has some fun ideas for the showcase, so I think he'll be ok. ;)

  3. I wondered about Pirandello for high school students. Some very adult themes in that play. Perhaps this is for the best.

  4. There were. I wondered how the directors would deal with it...I'm sorry the kids aren't going to get to perform a play, but I can't say I'm terribly sorry they're not doing that particular play...