Saturday, March 13, 2010

12 Weeks of Gorgeous Fabrics - Week 5

Yeah, it's wrinkled and it's on a hanger, but it's done! I'll take a better photo when I wear it (and it really is darker than it looks in this pic!).

I probably should've gone with cap sleeves instead of just short sleeves (borrowed from Jalie 2005, btw). It'd probably have looked a teensy bit more uptown. But, well, I just grabbed what was handy. Actually, I think I like this top best sleeveless, but I work in an office in which sleeveless tops are discouraged...and we have great fluctuation in temperature; for some reason my office is one that experiences the extremes. Other parts of the building will be ok, but mine will either be a refrigerator or an oven; I wanted to be able to pull my jacket off if we went into oven mode... ;)

Now I've pretty much sewn all the quick knit tops; heading into the wovens. And MacBeth costumes (lunch meeting on Wednesday of next week to get the direction).

Taking a deep breath....

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