Friday, January 29, 2010

...and the rest of them...

The Jalie patterns.

The prompt for the Jalies was two fold. I bought some lovely embroidered corduroy last summer in The Flute Players favorite color (orange) without knowing what it would be. We've had some discussions, and I really can't imagine it being anything other than a jeans jacket.

But try and find a classic jeans jacket for a girl's size 14. Jalie has one. I found it on the Jalie site, but it was listed as 'out of stock'. I sent an inquiry to see if it would be back in stock soon, and the very prompt reply was that the pattern is not going to be reprinted (a real shame, IMHO). However, the reply said that it appeared that there were a few left in stock at Pattern Review. So I sent Deepika a note, asking if she had any.

She did. And she had a sale on. And, since I'm a member, if I bought three patterns I'd get free shipping. So three patterns it was.

The first, of course, is the jeans jacket pattern 2321 (hm. There's a note that is says it's discontinued...wonder if it was there before?). Very classic.

I also picked up 2686, the classic pajamas. I know I have a TNT jammies pattern, but it is a unisex sizing and, to be honest, the more I've slept in it this year the more I find that it doesn't quite work; the shoulders are so wide that the arms bind when I roll over and catch the body just right. So I was sort of in the market for a lady-sized PJ pattern anyway. So I'm ready the next time silk charmeuse goes on a fabuloso sale somewhere(I intend to order six yards!!! No more shortages!)

Finally, I got 2909, the 'classic trousers'.

If you consider dropped-waist bootleg pants sized for stretch wovens a classic.

But, the eternal quest for pants for The Flute Player prompted it. I don't know how much more I can alter her size 14 TNT pattern up; time to move to Jalie so I can just keep tracing the next size. And, you never know, I might add pockets to it and make it up for myself.

But...I got the email yesterday. MacBeth has been cast and is going into production. Time to sharpen the costuming skills again. I don't know what the opening date is, and I don't know what the directors vision for the costuming will be (although The Actor has reported that it's going to be a Tim Burton-esque type of production).

I should hit the sewing room soon and hard if I want any new things for any closets here.


  1. That sale is so tempting. My order is going in tonight and I'm getting the trousers patterns as well. (as well as a few others, lol.)

  2. Nice pattern choices - I really like the wardrobe pattern with the long full skirt.

  3. I thought the exact same thing about those "classic" trousers. Nonetheless, that pattern is on its way to my house, too, and I don't have a flute player to sew it for. That one's for me! LOL!

  4. And we'll BOTH be adding pockets, I bet! ;)