Friday, August 21, 2009

First Costuming Request of the School Year

The Actor is going to play a Jester in a little skit the class is going to perform at some elementary/middle schools next month and he needs a tabbard and hat.

The tabbard/tunic won't be a problem (modified Bible costume!) but I'm not having much luck finding a pattern for a hat. Simplicity has a pattern, but the Simp. patterns won't be on sale at Hancock's again before the performance date and I really don't want to spend 6 bucks on the pattern.

I looked around a bit on the net but haven't had any luck yet. Does anyone know of a good, simple Jester hat pattern? It doesn't have to be authentic...just visual enough to make the point.

Here we go...

PS. Um, I've got a serving of humble pie on my plate because, after stating that I believed my new assistant was a girl, I have had to reconsider the issue and now I must confess to an error...this is a boy kitty. He still has no name....


  1. There is a book of sewing with polarfleece that has jester hats in it. They were popular as ski hats a few years ago. Unfortunately, I can't remember the book's name since I'm at work!! Argghh...good book though, with plenty of fleece jackets and other items in it as well.

    Regardless of your assistant's gender, he is cute as a button (which would be cute name except for the inevitable nick name that would ensue).

  2. I googled Jester Hat Pattern, here's one:

    There were plenty more where that came from too.

  3. Thanks, Nancy! My google searches turned up websites with lots of information about jesters and stuff for sale; I got frustrated wading through it looking for a pattern and thought maybe someone had one they'd used. I don't remember what I typed into the search box...

    One of the other moms thought she knew of a source from which we could borrow one; if that falls through, I'll need to sew one. That looks fairly simple.

  4. Let the fun begin . . .

    Instead of button, you could call the new litle guy Zipper. Then you could shorten it to Zippy.

  5. Hi Lisa,

    Kwik Sew has a couple of patterns. The book mentioned above was probably Polar Fleece Pizazz or one of Nancy Cornwell's Polarfleece (et al) books. Linda F (mamafitz) made one last year with B4313.

    Jill (Dungeon minion)