Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Me Project...

I pretty much just grabbed the top piece off the 'new acquisitions' pile and made an from-the-gut snap decision as to what to make from it.

It was one yard of a graphic printed rayon/lycra jersey, and in pretty short order it became a scoop-neck Simplicity 4076 T.
I didn't think about how the neckline gathers would affect the print, so the curve-emphasis was something of a surprise.

But it's a comfy t for errand running...days when I need to be out but not dressed up much.

It was kinda fun to just whip something out. I need to do more of that. ;)


  1. I really like it! I must whip some tees up for myself.

  2. I like how the print curves around your body...nice fit, nice T!

  3. Oh I like it. Very very much, do I like it. I would even wear it for more than just errands to. I have to agree, you need to whip more things out for yourself. You're such a giver in all you do, that you need to make sure you make some pieces just for you for fun and not necessity!!!


  4. Love it! Great color and style for you. It is fun to make something for yourself once in a while!