Monday, April 13, 2009

'Week of Intensity'

Well, the official unofficial nickname for what is officially 'Tech Week'...the last week of rehearsals before the show 'H*ll Week'.

Today I thought, "I don't need to speak that negativity over the process."

So in my vocabulary, anyway, this is going to be 'The Week of Intensity'.

I probably won't post much; my projects are not going to be big, noteworthy items anyway. They'll be things like adding 1 1/2" and some wiggle room to a fitted jacket or sewing on snaps.

And it'll all be late; except for tonight, I'll be heading over to the school after some other evening event. But, rehearsal won't be over till 12ish anyway, so I might as well sit at school and sew on snaps and whatnot as sit around home waiting on The Actor to call before making the 20 minute trip to school.

For those who are interested, Here's the article in our local paper about the production and the director.

I'll drop by when I can... ;)


  1. Oh, I understand! I had one of those last week between rehearsals and performances. Good luck to you!

  2. Where are you getting all this energy? Can you bottle some and send it to me?

  3. Oh, I need every bit I can scrounge!!