Tuesday, April 14, 2009

'Week of Intensity"...day 2

Last night was a surprisingly early night; the kids were released shortly after 10. Tonight, however, has already been pegged as the 'come ready to stay late' night.

I did finish my assigned task last night, though...I had to shorten 5 skirts that are worn by 'ex*otic dancers'...they're swirl skirts (aka 'banana skirts'...those long skirts with the curved gores), mostly made from poly chiffon. They were about 6" too long, since they were drafted to fit at the waist and these are all worn at the low hip.

Originally, the lower edges were just pinked, but with them actually dragging the ground the pinking didn't deter the raveling at all. So I put them on the girls, marked them at ankle length, cut 'em off and rolled the edges on my serger.

They're still woefully uneven...but I think part of that may be that the back of the skirts required more length to go over the backsides. So they'll have to pay attention and put them on with the longer part in the back. Does it look good? Not on your life. Will it work? They'll be moving around for the all of maybe five minutes they'll be onstage in these skirts...it's Good Enough!

But now that that's done, I have no idea what I'll do when I go over after our ladies' night at church tonight. Guess I'll be surprised ;).

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