Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sometimes I am soooo stupid....

I pulled out the fabrics for the HMC Mantles and put them on the cutting board and began to pull out the various other things I needed that I had been throwing into the box as I accumulated them.

And discovered that those stupid applique letters really aren't going to work at all.

I ordered 'white' letters. But somehow, I didn't notice until I had them in the bright light of the sunroom that the letters that came are actually an ivory color.

The numbers that I have been frantically trying to match *are* white. I can't put them with those ivory letters!

I think I'm just going to chalk it up to experience and throw the whole mess out and let my friend embroider the scarves. At least it will look better.

A $40+ lesson in....something...

Actually, perhaps I should just send 'em back to the folks I bought them from.

I can't get credit...they're opened, after all. But I can't use 'em and maybe they should see that 'white' isn't 'white' across the board.

Sure wish I'd noticed it before I'd pulled 'em out of the little bags.

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