Monday, November 03, 2008

Makin' it Work

The tricks we do to Make Things Work.

I had barely enough of the black boucle to cut out the main pieces of the Plaza jacket; as I mentioned, I had to narrow the pieces by 2" each. In all honesty, I'm not sure that wasn't beneficial; this lofty fabric probably works better with a little less excess drape anyway.
But I *didn't* have enough to cut the back band. I misremembered how to make the thing and thought the back band was a facing; it wasn't until I had things cut that I realized it was actually part of the neckline. So I scrambled to look for something that I could use for the back neck...and found a piece of faux suede that's in the stash to be used for trim/binding. Bingo. It had a very slight amount of stretch in it, so it managed the curve ok.

It would've looked better if I had sewn it with the right side out (what is WITH ME on this lately? I *know* I checked that...). There isn't a lot of difference between the right and the wrong side, but it's still the less pretty side out. Sigh. I figured no one else would know the difference and, since it was already trimmed before I caught it, I wasn't about to try ripping things out to fix it.

Speaking of fixing; if you look closely at the photo of the back neck you can see the sort of rounded 'v' that shows where I patched the cutting boo-boo I mentioned Friday. *Ahem* Interesting design detail, don't you think? *ahem*

Just for grins, I'd say anyone who had only this much fabric left...which compresses into one scant handful...has made optimal use of the yardage. *Ahem* again...

But I seriously owe my MIL big time for this. I'd guess this fabric would retail for anywhere from $80/yard up -- IF it could be found at all. I'm a blessed woman. ;)

Incidentally, the jacket is marvelously warm to wear. I'm going to enjoy this one.


  1. Pretty! I enjoyed the brooch story, too.

  2. Perfect for fall and winter. The brooch has a wonderful history - thank you for sharing!

  3. I can't get over how strikingly beautiful this jacket is on you! I love the combination with the sweater. WOW!

    I say great use of resources too.

  4. That jacket is absolutely stunning. I looked closely,and I couldn't see the "design detail" you mentioned. Good job on finding some ultrasuede to use for the back band. It looks wonderful!

  5. I think the sweater has something to do with it...I think that color is really good on a 'woman of a certain age' LOL