Sunday, November 09, 2008

Choir Sundays 08 # 35

This Month's colors:Burgundy and/or black w/blue jeans

I tried jumping down and snapping the picture as the choir came out onto the risers at about a minute and a half before the service started. There were no stage lights on; only a little blue wash light on the wall behind us. The silhouette looked really cool, but of course that went away with the flash. Sigh...with so little light, it looks rather grainy. Still, you can get the idea.

The gap in the back row is where I stood...

Anyway, I wore my brocade Sewing Workshop Tribeca Shirt, with a matching Modified Loes Hinse City Dress bodice shell under it...just in case...

And my dark wash boot cut Lee jeans with, um, boots.

I need to make one or two more shirts from that Tribeca's kinda neat...


  1. I would really like to hear more about your experiences with the Tribeca shirt. I have that pattern and love the way the illustration (and every example I've seen made) look but I've yet to try it!

    Also... appropos of nothing... what voice do you sing? Are you all divided by range in the stands as is usually done? No real reason... just curious.

  2. I think I wrote most of my comments about the Tribeca shirt on the review, which is linked in the post. It's not difficult...just fiddly, if your fabric is not too bulky. That brocade was borderline, but I did manage to make it work. It pressed nicely, so that helped a LOT.

    And I'm a rather gravely alto of late...struggles w/acid reflux seem to have affected my singing voice. Consequently, when the guys are severely outnumbered by altos (we have a plethora of altos in the choir anyway), I will sometimes switch to tenor. We only have SAT sections, and we sing entirely by ear (the choir director's ear, LOL). It was quite a switch coming from a denominational church where I actually held music in my hands, but it has been very educational to depend so much on what I hear.

    But the emphasis is on what the music means above singing it perfectly, which is kinda neat.

  3. Lovely shirt! Yes, you must make another one or two from this pattern!

    Aren't you amazed at how much better your own ear for parts becomes when you are more intent on 'listening' for where your 'part' is in the chord than when you are reading the music? It does give you more ability to emphasize the meaning of what you are singing!

  4. Well...I confess to mostly listening for my part from the other folks around me singing it! I haven't quite advanced to picking it out of the chords yet...

    But when I try to do that, 75% of the time I'll end up singing the tenor line without intending to....

  5. Oh! I just realized I missed one of Kathleen's questions...yes, we're divided by parts. As you look at the photo, the sopranos are on the left end of the risers, the tenors are in the middle and the altos are on the right. We have 'usual' spots in the choir, but they're not assigned and we could be moved around within our section on any given day, or moved to another section to help if it's low that day. Som altos sing soprano when necessary; there are a couple of us that can switch to tenor if there aren't many guys there (amazing how many business trips sometimes coincide) It's pretty 'go with the flow'ish.

  6. Thanks Lisa! I love to sing but have only belonged to a choral group once... it was fun but I had to really listen to everyone else in *my* section or I'd start singing the other sections. Of course at the time I thought I was an alto and only recently have realized that I'm a sproano (didn't know about head voice).

    And thanks for the pointer to the Tribeca review. I have definitley got to try this pattern.

  7. That's "soprano" not "sproano" of course. Don't know what section the sproanos would sing!