Monday, July 28, 2008

Jealousy is a Sin

My Sewing Cohort and Expo Travel Buddy Miss A is going to New York next week, with intentions of going to Mood Fabrics whilst she and her hubby are there.

She asked me if I wanted anything.

How do you answer a question like that?

I don't know that I really want anything from Mood, given the bucks I've dropped at Textile Fabrics in the last couple of months, although I'd LOVE to wander around there-in.

But maybe I'll tell her if she gets to Kashi's to call me on my cell phone...I bet she could get some deals there ;)

On other 'oh, rats!' topics, the Martha Pullen Sewing School was in town last week. Somehow, I've never managed to get on the loop for registration materials for that event. Since I'm not into heirloom sewing, quilting or machine embroidery I really hadn't worried about it too much. But, if I read the post at Stitcher's Guild right, Louise Cutting was in town for that event this year. And because I was off the net last week, I didn't realize it.

I think I assumed Louise was going to be at Martha's Texas show.

Ah, well, it was 'stay home week'...

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