Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Linen is In

5 1/2 yards of beige linen (or maybe it's linen/rayon...can't remember now) from FFC for some blousy piratey shirts and 6 yards of brown Zegna from Michael for the flared and cuffed coat. The brown is borderline heavy enough for a coat, but I'm lining it w/cotton poplin so that should beef it up a bit. I'm *trying* to make it as cool to wear as possible, so any interfacing will likely be sewn-in cotton as well. They're (hopefully) making the first of three trips through the laundry today; as soon as they're sufficiently softened/preshrunk, I'll start cutting and the race will be on.

I forgot that I ordered a second piece of the Zegna from Michael...since it was on sale, and to make the shipping more, um, worthwhile. I got a yard and a half of the white-on-black strip shirting and wow, is it great. I actually had in mind making a shirt for DS the Elder, thinking it *might* be something he'd like (I have downloaded the freebie guy's shirt pattern, Jakob, from BurdaStyle to try for him), but, well, that fabric is looking quite attractive to me; especially since we wear black and white so much in choir. So we'll see.

I'm still 12 yards behind parity; that really was a bit of a splurge. It'd been almost 2 months since I last bought fabric for my own use.

And I may end up with some of the pirate linen in the stash, if I end up not needing it all (for instance, one of the costumees told me last night he'd found some nice costume pants and purchased them, so there's a bit that I won't need). But it's all nice, so if I end up with it...oh, well... ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing that Burda link - that looks like a nice men's shirt pattern!

    I saw on Pattern Review that you once made the McCalls 5135 gaucho pants - did you ever make the shirt? I want to do that now, but I sure would like a good review first!

  2. Nope, Cathe, I haven't gotten around to it; but DD still has it on her 'want' list! Maybe one of these days!