Saturday, May 17, 2008


We didn't quite get everything cut out on the pirate cosutmes; we've still got one pair of pants and the linings for the vests to cut (first, I gotta get some suitable vest lining). But the coat and its lining...the Big Cahuna of the whole cut and I should get started on it this week. Miss A took one of the shirts home to work on it.

But first I need to do a little alteration for our Childrens' Pastors (As this is the third year I've been involved in costuming for them, I decided they're entitled to their own Post Label! ). They've been doing traveling family ministry w/a medieval theme for three years now; this year their bookings have really filled up and they needed several items. So, they went online and bought several pieces, and when they came, they found a couple of them needed a bit of altering. Turns out the over robe (doublet? My mind has gone blank...I know the name...) was designed to fit someone who was astride a horse. Pastor D does not ride any horses in the presentations, so the A-line flare of the garment needs to go away. Their first event is in just a couple of weeks; I brought home his two brand-new, made-to-order garments and will be altering them slightly so they don't flare out so much.

Before I start sewing the pirate things.

But while I was talking to them, PJ gave me a flyer from their promo material. It's kinda cool; you can see the Gold dress and the Squire tunics I made for them a couple of years ago (Pastor D added the studs to the tunics). Neat! :)

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