Friday, March 21, 2008

Suddenly Easter Sewing

Well, there's the 'Ocean Teal' shirt...and I've discovered that most of the other ladies got the hot turquoise color after all. Oh, well. This was quick and cheap and will be mostly hidden by the jacket, so it won't matter that it's a little snug and a little pale. It'll do.

And I had a sudden revelation this week; my kids are part of the junior leader team in the children's church program, and, as such, wear a blue-jeans-and-logo-t-shirt uniform every Sunday. So I wasn't worried about Easter clothes. But we are doing our service at the local civic center again this year and about Wednesday I realized that there will not be children's church this week. My kids will need something. DS is ok...he's got dressy enough clothes, but the only thing DD had was the sleeveless white dress I made for her last summer. I expect it to be cold in the South Hall of the VonBraun Center; she needs something with sleeves. I pulled a dress out of storage that I'd made for her older sister 10 years ago...nope, still too big. So yesterday we looked through patterns and fabric and she decided she liked Simplicity 3589. I traced it in what I reasonably hope will be close to 8 in girth and a 14 in length...and cut the sleeveless dress, minus the shoulder ruffle, from a blue-and-white print plisse, and the jacket from the white eyelet that's leftover from last year's dress. The last thing I did before I went to bed last night was switch out the thread in the serger and sewing machine; I'm ready to go.

She got a haircut this morning, so I'm just now ready to hit the machines. This'll take a little more than 40 minutes, I think...


  1. Good luck to you! Your aqua top turned out great. I cut my daughter's clothes about the same way - 8 in circumference and 12 to 14 in length!

  2. I love that pattern your daughter chose. My DD likes the Hannah Montana patterns too. Your teal top turned out well and your necklace goes well.
    BTW I've tagged you if you want to join in...