Friday, March 28, 2008

One More Tweak

I had an epiphany yesterday...the reason the tunic looks like a dress over jeans is that it's too long. That hit me yesterday when I finally looked critically enough at the envelope picture to see that the tunic hits the (what...5'11"?) model at just above her knees; mine hits me just below mine. So I pinned it up a bit and it did look a little less, um, like I should be wearing a scarf on my head. So today I'll shorten it a total of 3 1/2"; you'll see the results on Sunday's choir post.

But I'm going to cut out and sew up my TNT shell top from the silk/lycra charmeuse I got in Atlanta before I put the green thread back in the serger. That'll only take an hour or less, start to finish, so I might as well do it while the black's up. ;)

And for the other project...trimming the neckline back just a bit did the trick, so that's in my closet. It does look good under a jacket... but the armsceyes are pretty big and floppy, probably because I had to size up so much, so I won't be wearing it by itself. That's ok, though...we don't wear sleeveless shirts in choir anyway unless they're under something. The top works for its intended purpose.

And The Actor has informed me that his Drama teacher will be contacting me soon about some costumes for the play that's now in production. However, it's a modern piece (Dearly Departed), so he said there wouldn't be a lot of things to do; most of the costuming should be taken care of by the vast costume closet contents that are already available. We'll see....


  1. Your top turned out nicely! I'm glad you made it work, it will look great in choir.

  2. The b/w top turned out really cute. I admire you for hanging in there with it! Can't wait to see the tunic in its new shorter length. ;>)

  3. Love that fabric Lisa, it's elegant!

  4. What an elegant outfit! Its perfect!