Thursday, March 27, 2008

One Done; One...Still in Salvage Mode...

Ok, I know it looks like I'm wearing a table cloth...or maybe some recycled curtains here...but I *love* this tunic! The rayon/Tencel fabric is soft like butter and heavy and warm and... I can see myself wearing it w/leggings after the Christmas Eve service whilst playing Santa. Anyway, it really feels good. There are slits in the sides up to about mid-hip; this can't be worn stand-alone, for all that it looks like a dress over jeans, it isn't.

But, as much as I love this, I really think it's the last time I'll make it long (Unless I do the other long view with the beading and the front slit. Wow, how long would THAT take?). All in all, the shorter tunic would probably be more practical.

It made up quite easily with no issues; the only tedious bit is the collar (I added a facing for the slit). No buttons, hooks or zippers...I'll get a review posted later today. Oh, did I say I love this top?

The Pleat Top is still having issues, however. I laid the pattern back over the garment and recut the neckline down to the original size, finished it out, slit the back neck and rolled that edge, sewed a very nice hanging snap. It went over my head quite easily and then... I found that the neckline was too tight on my neck. I could barely snap the snap, and it was not pretty. Doggone...I didn't think about the neckline needing to stretch around my neck. Grumble, grumble. I let the shoulder/neckline seams out as much as I could and tried again. Better; at least it wasn't visibly digging in to my neck, but it was still too snug to look good. It hung up and made a weird pouf in the front. So I took off the snap and trimmed 1/2" off the top of the neckline. I rolled the edge and left the fray check drying on the corners last night. I'll sew the snap again and see how it works. If that doesn't fix it, I'll just have to take Peggy up on her offer of more fabric. I'm determined to get this right...if I can, it will be a killer blouse to wear under a black jacket on a Black and White choir Sunday. Besides, I'd like to pass along fitting tips in the eventual pattern review...


  1. Looks great on you! You really are trying to make that other top work - I hope it does work out, it is very cool fabric.

  2. It looks great, Lisa! I thought it looked very chenille-like or maybe doe suede - warm and soft. Definitely not table cloth!

  3. I think it looks wonderful on you!

  4. Great tunic and great colour! And I love the way it looks over jeans