Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dot Tops

That's the last of the Hancock's Rayon knits purchase sewn up; it's the top from Vogue 8305. I used basically a size 12, with my TNT shoulder/armsceye/sleeve morphed on. I'm not sure I did it entirely right; the facing for the neckline goes into the armsceye, and I *think* I forgot to alter that for the morph. Anyway, I had some mismatching going on there.

But I think I like the pattern; it definitely doesn't need a zipper in an uber stretchy knit like rayon/lycra jersey. But the fabric was something of a disappointment; I thought it would be the dressiest of the lot, but it turns out it isn't as nice as it appears. The print is just right on the surface, which means whenever the fabric is stretched and the ribs spread even slightly, the white base fabric shows through. It gives it either a shiny or a transparent appearance; not quite as high-end looking as I thought. But it will work under a jacket.

And I just realized I never posted a photo of the other rayon top. This is my second attempt at Vogue 2945. I lowered the bust darts by 1 1/2 inches...actually, I lengthened the whole top 1 1/2 inches by adding the extra between the armsceye and the dart, which lowered the dart. I think I like it better longer anyway. I left the cuffs off the sleeves; in the floppy rayon knit they just flopped and drooped and didn't look good anyway, so I took 'em off and hemmed the sleeves. I think the top would look good w/full length sleeves, too; I may try that the next time I decide to make the shirt.

I also made a Jalie 2005 t for DD the Younger from that oval dot stuff; the drape neck t didn't require as much fabric as the two wrap shirts I made from the other pieces. It's nice that she's still small enough I can make a t shirt for her from remnants!


  1. Nice! Both tops really look sharp.

  2. Wow, they look great on you! Just fabulous!

  3. Oooo...I really like that print top. It looks great on you and what a smashing print!