Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving feast for the eyes

I may not get any sewing done at all this week, so the posts are probably going to be rather random; oh, well!

I really must confess that I expected very little fall color this year; given the fact that the trees were frost damaged in April, and stressed by extreme drought all summer, I expected the leaves to pretty much dry up and fall off.

I was wrong. Apparently there was just a bit of rain at just the right time and our color this year has been a week or so later than normal and just spectacular. We're just barely past peak now and I thought I'd share some photos I took from the front porch during a sunny moment yesterday morning:


  1. How lovely! Perfect for Thanksgiving. It's snowing outside right now. That's right. I said *snowing*! It is supposed to change to rain, but we're enjoying the snow while it's here.

  2. Beautiful colors. I really miss seeing the trees change. I'm stuck here in hot, stinky Florida.

  3. Oh, Summerset, I wish I could let you observe the people in this town when four snowflakes appear in the sky at the same time! You'd split your sides laughing...or stare in slack-jawed amazed disbelief, which is what I did the first time it snowed after I moved down here from central Indiana and the cold snowy winters of the late 1970's.

    It's supposed to rain/storm tonight and tomorrow; those pretty leaves will likely all be gone by the weekend. I took some more photos this afternoon (we were in the 70's!); I may post a couple more tomorrow. It's been really pretty around here for the last week or so.