Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quickie Queue Jumping

The earlier-mentioned state Drama competition is this weekend and will require DS to spend 2 nights away from home in LA (That's Lower Alabama, for everyone who lives outside of this state). The night before last DS came downstairs to say goodnight and I had a revelation...the child has nothing respectable to sleep in. He'd been sleeping in white sweat pants and a t shirt and let's just say it's ok for at home...barely.

So yesterday evening I pulled out a pattern and some plaid flannel and made him some new sleep pants. I had to start w/tracing the pattern; it's an OOP Simplicity that I inherited from Miss A a few years ago when she was doing some stash purging (come to think of it, the flannel came from Miss A, too...thanks Miss A! :)) He wanted me to make it w/o the button fly, so I ignored the guide sheet and just sewed them up; they're just No-Side-Seam pants.
Miss A had used that pattern for sleep shorts for her now-college age DS, so I started w/taping the legs together so I could trace the full length pattern. From the time I pulled the table and mats out to a pair of finished sleep pants took me about 2 hours. DS tried them on last night and they fit just about perfectly; then he pouted a bit because I told him he couldn't wear them before his trip.

Now I want to go back and read the pattern guide to see WHY ON EARTH Simplicity drafted that pattern with 4 1/4" of length above the waistline...which, fortunately, was marked. I just cut 1" above that mark for the elastic turn-down.

That was so quick it didn't even make it to the 'WIP' list...

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