Saturday, November 24, 2007

Checkin' In

Oif! A fridge full of leftovers means I'm really glad I've got a Cityscapes dress to wear to church tomorrow; I think every pair of pants I own (including the fat pants) would be tight. But Thanksgiving only comes once a year, and, boy, does real home cookin' taste good...

Anyway, the only member of the family to venture out into the Land of Shopping Frenzy was My Sweet Baboo, who felt compelled to do some computer upgrades. He went out fairly early, he hunted parking spaces and he stood in lines but he came home with what he needed and spent the rest of the day installing his purchases, so I didn't get on the computer at all.

Which was, I guess, ok, since I was busy with the kids decorating the tree anyway. Number One Son worked all day yesterday and today, he won't be able to put *his* ornaments on the tree until tomorrow afternoon. But I'm hearing the cry of the sewing room today, so I'm hoping to get at least a *little* work done on my black Hot Patterns skirt...which I'm seriously hoping will zip when I'm finished ;).

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