Friday, November 30, 2007

The Blessings of TNT

(Note for those who might not know; in this context TNT stands for 'Tried 'N' True', not an explosive)

So yesterday I finished out the too-big skirt, then I folded it up with the original muslin; after Christmas I'll compare them to see what I did wrong, then I'll send it off.

I decided to start the Christmas Sewing. One of the planned projects had already been scratched from the list due to a change in gift-giving plans; so I only had one 'Black Thread' item to make. I got the pattern and the fabric out and discovered that the vintage piece of fabric I intended to use was waaayyy too short to make anything close to what I had intended; I'd forgotten how narrow it was. I'm afraid it's just going to have to become trim; not enough to do anything with.

So I'm back to square one there. And I need to make a trip to Hancock's before I start the remaining Christmas Sewing (dress-up clothes for a 4 year old niece), but I had no car yesterday.

Rather reluctantly, I pulled out the latest fabric acquisition...the sheet flannel...and thought I'd change out the thread and work on those sheets.

Except it didn't excite me to make sheets. I was bummed that my skirt project didn't work, more bummed that the Christmas project wouldn't work (it was going to be Very Cool)...I thought about working on the budget instead of sewing.

Then I happened to think: I have black thread on the serger. And, as those of you who have been following the Choir Sundays posts have no doubt noticed, I could use some more black pants. There was a goodly piece of B. Black and Sons black wool gabardine in the 'on deck' cabinent...

So I spent yesterday afternoon making a pair of black wool gab Loes Hinse Oxford Pants. I think I started cutting them around 2; with breaks for dinner and the middle school holiday concert, I finished about 9:30.

Now, I have learned the prescription for sewing doldrums:

Go to the stash and pull a great fabric. An expensive, use-it-for-something special fabric that you've been afraid to cut into...or maybe you've been waiting to loose 10 pounds. Whatever. Just get it. Use it to construct a garment from a SIMPLE (that's the key; it must be a quick-to-construct item) TNT pattern (that's so you don't hyperventilate before you cut. You *know* this pattern fits!). The results will be terrific and you'll feel much better about sewing in a relative short time.

I'm gonna wear those black pants to death.

I didn't get a photo of them yet, but don't'll see them very soon and very often on the Choir posts ;)

I *do* have a car today, so I'm going to do some more work on the Christmas list (plus that run to Hancock's for the rest of the items needed for Christmas, I need to see if any patterns are on sale.), but the next item to be sewn is...flannel sheets. And I'm ok with that.

And I'm now less than 20 yards away from fabric parity! Oh, I'm getting close!!


  1. What a great project! I bet they're gorgeous, too.

  2. "I'm now less than 20 yards away from fabric parity!"

    Sounds like it might be time to buy some fabric!! :wink:

  3. I'm so impressed that you're so close to parity. I keep pushing the gap farther and farther apart! I am trying to build up a collection of good TNTs so that everything I make doesn't have to be a BIG DEAL.