Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend progress

Well, we didn't get quite as much done as I'd hoped...I think. It's hard to tell, because we ended up making all the pieces that needed cream thread instead of complete costumes. Plus we nearly finished the odd blue ladies' robes. None of the robes are are *totally* done...but there are 7 that only need the snap hammered on. We'll try to get another sewing stretch scheduled later in the month.

Whilst the serger was at church, I decided to work on the non-serger project when I was home, the simple top that ain't. I zig-zagged the lace to the lining and sewed the seams, but decided that, as it was covered w/zig-zag stitching anyway and it was a less than 5 dollar investment, I'd just zig-zag down the hems as well, rather than hand catchstitching all that lace. So it turned out being simpler than I originally thought.

It's also borderline too small. All that stitching to support the lace caused the base to draw up just a bit. Fortunately, it's firm enough that you really don't see it just feels a little, um, corsety. It looks good under a jacket, though.

But it was a great learning experience. Next time, I'll sew the lace to the lining BEFORE I cut the pieces out.

1 comment:

  1. That's great that you made headway on the costumes!

    The top is lovely and is perfect for wearing as a layering piece!