Thursday, October 04, 2007

Target: 4

(ok, wow, I don't know why it posted after I typed the title. I must've hit a control key instead of a shift key...anyway...I'm editing it so bloglines will hopefully pick up the whole post)

I'm packing up and heading to church in a bit for a three-day sew-a-thon; I've got at least one lady coming in to help w/each of 5 shifts I'm going to be working (10 - 2:30 and 6 - 8 today and tomorrow; 10 - 2 on Saturday). The goal is to get four costumes done each day; that'll be half the children's church costuming. I may not make four today; I've only got one lady for each shift, and we've got to start by setting up the room, so today could be a little slow.

But I think I've got two or three down to help Saturday, so we should be able to catch up then.

On the home front, the hem is done on the ABO jacket; only buttonholes and buttons to go. I may have to use my back up Kenmore, with its oval button templates; I'm not sure the little bartack-and-zigzag buttonholes on my New Home are quite sufficient for the thick ravely threads in the jacket. I'll need to do a little testing to see...and it could be next week before I get there. But, progress is progress, even if it's measured in centimeters... ;)

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