Sunday, October 07, 2007

Choir Sundays #6

This month's colors are black w/either orange or tan. It's interesting to see the various interpretations of color, but overall it seems to work. The gap in the center of the back row is where I was standing before I hopped down to take the photo!

I wore one of my favorite tan (ok, I'll admit's almost brown, although it really isn't quite as dark as it looks in the photo) and black outfits, made for SWAP Challenge 2005; the jacket is Vogue 7914, shortened about 3" in the back; the pants are Stretch and Sew 704 (no-side-seam pants w/POCKETS!).

The fabrics are two colorways of Hancock's embroidered rayon/linen blend and are very, very soft. I love wearing this, even if it's not the most figure-flattering outfit in the closet. It's just so doggone comfortable!


  1. Hmmm.. I believe I've seen that jacket in person! I enjoy seeing what you wear to choir.

  2. {giggle} Actually, if I remember right, I had on that very outfit.

    I was pushing the limit with this (I didn't realize everyone else would interpret 'tan' to be such a light shade), but it was ok.

    Choir is actually the driving force behind my wardrobe; gotta have the stuff that works for that. It's both good and bad, I suppose, but it sure beats robes! ;)