Thursday, August 23, 2007

Too Many Rabbits

How do you know when you've started too many rabbits? (For those not familiar with that idiom, it's a reference to dog racing...the rabbit is what the dogs chase, to get them to run fast in the right direction. Too many rabbits confuse the dogs, and they don't run as well as they might. I think that's where it comes from, anyway...) I've got that 'I'm trying to do too many things at once' feeling... I'll just give you the sewing part of it:

-29 costumes, plus extra pieces, cut and ready to sew
- a huge queue of personal/family projects cut and ready to sew
- a wrecked sewing nook that not only must be tidied, but I've got to put it together after hauling machines and notions to church and back
- stash swatch updating and re-binning in progress in the attic; can really only be worked on in the morning, as that space gets uncomfortably warm as the day progresses

All of these projects will be rectified a little at a time (well, maybe I should dedicate a CHUNK of time to the sewing nook clean up), which means I'll likely have very little progress to report on any of those items for the next...month? We have two conferences at church in the next three weekends, too; maybe it'll be two months before I get those things back under control again.

I'm going to try and focus on the individual tasks...such as completing a single garment, or working in the attic until I start to sweat...rather than think about how much there is to do.

I think I'd go bonkers otherwise.

But...there is a silver lining to this...I'm not the LEAST BIT tempted to browse the web and increase the stash! ;)

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  1. Not the ideal way to keep yourself away from fabric sales, but I suppose it works.

    I think you've already got a plan, so good luck and I hope you keep it under control!