Saturday, August 25, 2007


Saturdays are good days to post memes, eh? Especially Saturdays that fall on conference weekends; My Sweet Baboo and I attended/assisted (um, that means we helped w/product sales, registration and other such things, not that we had any place on the platform! ;) )at a marriage conference with Leo and Molly Godzich for the past day and a half; it's nice to see that I have today's post subject already picked for me! Thanks, Linda!

Anyway, this meme asks 'What crafts fall into these categories at your house?':

1)'Love it!! This is my thing!!'
Well, um, I dunno, maybe...sewing? Clothes, not quilts or home dec! :) But I'd also enjoy playing my clarinet (I know, I know...not a craft...), if I could manage to practice often enough to maintain SOME sort of embouchure!

2)'I do it or have dabbled in it'
I have done a wee bit of scrapbooking...but only for special, specific events. I cannot fathom putting my entire photo history in scrapbooks. I enjoy embroidery and counted cross-stitch, although I've given away almost every project I've finished (I have recollected that I received a small counted cross stitch kit for Christmas YEARS ago and now have the resultant little wall hanging adorning the guest bathroom)'s a good 'carry around' type project to be worked on while waiting in dentist's offices, at school practices and the like. Also in this category are photography, jewelry making, stained glass cutting and calligraphy.

3)'I'll give it a try'
Y'know, I've always wanted to do one of the Bob Ross painting classes and I've been intrigued by sculpting w/clay. And I do have 'Make a quilt' on my List of Things To Do In My Lifetime.

4)'I have absolutely no interest'
(Maybe a better title for me would be 'I don't have the money or patience for') Gourmet cooking, flower arranging, macramé, woodworking, doll making, most home dec sewing, machine embroidery.

I'm tagging anyone who reads my blog who's ALSO named Lisa; just leave a comment if you play along! :)

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  1. Hey Lisa, I was having my morning coffee, browsing in some blogs and saw your tag. I'm not one for memes but I decided to play along. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.