Friday, August 03, 2007

Reunion Weekend

We're off for a quick trip up to Indiana for this weekend; it's the annual family reunion at Lebanon Park, and this year includes my, um, 30-year high school graduating class reunion (Tri-West Class of '77).

I debated making something new for the event, but figured if I didn't have something suitable in my closet after all this time of earnest sewing, I was a pretty sad wardrobe planner.

But I couldn't make up my'll depend on my mood. I'll be wearing my black slinky Loes Hinse Sweater Set shell with either be the white denim suit I made 2 years ago, or the flippy self-drafted skirt from earlier this summer. I'm leaning towards the suit, just in case the golf course clubhouse is highly air conditioned; none of my jackets looked quite right w/the little flippy skirt.

But either way I'll feel chic ;)

1 comment:

  1. Ah, 30 year reunion...enjoyed mine last year. I hope you had fun at yours! I'm sure what ever you choose to wear you looked wonderful in.