Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hitting the Ground Running

The '07 - '08 school year has officially begun; for the first time since 1991 I do not have a child in elementary school. One began high school; the youngest began middle school. The two older ones...well, let's just say they're getting educated in the school of life at the moment ;).

I have today to run all the clothes through the laundry and pack up my traveling sewing kit; tomorrow I head to church, where I'll be during business hours until the 21st. I've got a bunch of costume mending to do...the Bible costumes are really showing their age. Some I believe I can mend; some, it'll just be a make-do until we can replace them. I suppose I really should go to Pattern Review and talk about some of the Costume Patterns that Don't Work.

But we'll also be making more costumes; any incoming Master's Commission students have been invited to bring fabric for their costumes, along with anyone in the choir who wants their personal costume, so as to not need one of the church costumes. Plus, our children's ministry has asked for some costumes to use in kinderchurch. So I expect to have a busy 9 days of sewing; we may end up spending most of next week cutting, then send everything home w/the volunteers to make them. We're taking advantage of the fact that next week will be our Royal Ranger advancement service; hence everyone will be in the sanctuary on Wednesday night and the room will not be used next week. Seize the opportunity! ;)

Which means I *may* use the serger a bit today on some of the WIPs; it'll be going to church for the duration tomorrow. Fortunately, I won't need it for a couple of the projects (including the official First Up green jacket), so I'll bump a couple of the 'serge it quick' projects up the queue and work on them today...while the serger's here.

No official word on what...if anything...we will be doing drama-wise for Christmas this year. That's still a big question.


  1. School starting already? At least I still have 2 1/2 weeks left. Good luck on fixing all the church costumes. I used to deal with church costumes and know how it can be!

  2. I went back Friday, my kiddos went back today. Miss summer.

    Lu has 1 more year in elementary...I'll be boohooing all the way to MS with her next year!