Friday, July 13, 2007

A Shopping Day

The only sewing related thing I have to report from yesterday is that I stopped by Hancock's and picked up a zipper for the denim skirt (wasn't sure I had one, and, well, I was driving right by). And that's all I got there. Really. One zipper. I'm holding off till we go to Nashville next week.

Mostly I was birthday shopping for DD (her birthday's next Tuesday), but I did pick up some things for me...I don't remember the last time I actually bought clothes for myself, but I got a pair of blue jeans and a brown cotton rib-knit short sleeved sweater. The blue jeans were necessary; the sweater was a bit of a splurge, but it was on sale and a good basic.

I also picked up a copy of The Lucky Shopping Guide. Not as cheap as I could've gotten it from Amazon, I'm afraid, but I was at the bookstore, so...

I'd picked it up on several previous occasions and put it back, but this time I decided (maybe the recent birthday had something to do with it) that I could use some guidance on wardrobe building. I've just kind of flipped through it so far; I don't know how much it's going to help me by telling me what to do, although I do think it's going to be a help in looking at my current wardrobe with fresh eyes. I'm amazed at the numbers of (totally foot-torture-appearing) shoes are recommended; and some of the advice just won't work for me, such as the following thoughts on swimsuite style: ...too much modesty can work against you. Full coverage can make your butt look bigger -- even matronly. Revealing a bit of cheek is more flattering. Can I offer up that whether or not that is flattering depends on the appearance of the cheek? For someone in her 20's or well-maintained 30's, that may be the case, but, well, I'm 48. I'll keep mine covered, thank you very much. ;)

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  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning about the "cheek coverage!" And I know what you mean, I know what you mean....