Saturday, June 02, 2007

Same song, second verse

I was planning to post a tutorial about how to put the zipper in the pocket, but I discovered that the photos I have taken of the process are not in my files on the computer, so I'm going to have to round them up and do it later.

Meantime, I have taken the front off of my Simpicity surplice top...the one with the, um, badly placed flowers (No, I did NOT take a photo...just trust me that the little outlines of the flowers with the circle in the center were *almost* in the worst possible place on the front of the shirt). I'd never have worn it as it was but, aside from that little problem, the shirt is really cute and I liked it a lot. Well, I just so happened to have enough fabric left to cut two new fronts, so I will replace the offending pieces with something cut with the flowers as far away from the bustline as I can manage...

Replacing the already serged pieces will be tedious, but I'll end up with a top I'll wear, so it's worth it!

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