Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Super Information

(ok, I'll admit it, that's a Really Bad'll see why in a minute).

One of the more technically interesting blogs to which I subscribe is The English Cut, the blog of a young Savile Row tailor, Thomas Mahon. Thomas doesn't post often, but his work is marvelous (well, duh...he's a bespoke tailor!); I feel like a Little Leaguer (and a bench-warming Little Leaguer at that), peeking through the knothole in the fence at a Major League game....

Anyway, my perusal of better-quality fabric internet sources has led me to a passing acquaintance with the numbering system used to describe pieces of wool fabric...Super 100's..Super 120's...Super 150's...and the Super Prices that usually go along with them. I just figured that the numbers represented the finer grade of wool fiber; with the higher numbers being finer fibers. I wasn't *too* far off the mark; yesterday's English Cut cited this little article, which goes into the details...and lack of details...about those numbers.

Not that any of it will likely find its way into my stash anytime soon...but it was kind of fun to read ;)

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