Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Simple Decadent Yumminess

I had to run by the grocery store yesterday, and didn't get it done until I had to pick up DD from school (she'd hurt her knee over the weekend so I gave her a couple of days of transportation). Anyway, somehow along the way I forgot to eat lunch.

Bad timing.

Whilst walking down the cookie aisle (why was I there? I don't remember...), I spied a package of Keebler Royal Grahams...not that the brand matters, that's just what these happened to be. Chocolate covered graham crackers. Suddenly, I developed an intense craving for a treat we'd eaten as kids. So, to DD's delight, I bought a pack.

So, here's the treat:

In a cup or a small glass, break 8 - 10 chocolate covered graham crackers in halves or quarters (depending on the size). The cup should be about 2/3 full, loosely.

Pour cold milk over cookies.

This is important: wait 5 minutes (this makes the graham cracker mushy and the chocolate firm).

Eat with a spoon. Yum.

You'd think such a simple thing would be a light snack, but I read the label on the cookie package and had a shock...there is nothing light about it! The package says a serving is 3 cookies and has 140 calories; 60 of which are from fat. But the little recipe use about three times the suggested single, 420 calories, 180 from fat...before adding milk. Yikes.

So this will remain an occasional comfort food snack. ;)

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