Monday, April 02, 2007

The next hot project....

I think I've mentioned this before, but, being a Pentecostal-charismatic sort of congregation, there are times when people fall down in services...usually at the altar, when they are receiving personal ministry . (I'm not wandering off into the theological implications or whether or not it's a good thing; but it's a fact that it happens). So, we use small blanket-type things to cover these folks until they feel like they can get up. And, sometimes folks(guys and gals) come up and kneel, not realizing that the garments they're wearing become a little more revealing in the back side when they kneel and lean forward. So the blankets get used there, too. we have a need for blankets. And do you know, we apparently have an altar blanket black hole alongside the costume black hole...I've no idea how many of these things I've done (my guess is somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty) in the past five years, but once again they can't find more than just a handful. So, in the interest of being prepared for whatever might happen in our special Easter service, we've been asked to make 26 - 30 more this week.

These aren't difficult...45 or 54 inch fabric, ripped to 45 inch lengths and serger rolled along the raw edges. But they do take *some* time, and doing 30 would be a substantial effort. So I've sent the word out to the sewing ladies; I'm hoping I'll get three serger-owner/operators who'll volunteer to do a few; if 4 of us work on them, that would only be 8 - 10 apiece, which is one afternoon or a couple of evening's worth or work.

And, I still need to go out in search of another 8 or so packages of 1/4" eyelets to finish out the rest of the soldier costumes, so it shouldn't be impossible to find some appropriate fabric (I need about 36 total yards, but it doesn't all have to be the same).

So...the sewing of the Expo fabric will get postponed just a little longer...

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  1. Congrats on yesterday and as far as this week: this too shall pass! Good luck on the eyelets!