Friday, April 20, 2007

Fabric IN...

It always comes in lumps, for some reason. I made a trip to Hancock's yesterday to get some orange thread and catch the Vogue Pattern sale (brought home three: 2966, 8398 and 2925) and found a 3 1/4- yard length of B. Black and Sons black wool gabardine marked 60% off. Contrary to Erin's Rules for Buying Fabric, I like to stash black, as I need to have so much in the closet for choir from the September to May each year, and I never know when something's going to come up with a problem (like my favorite black textured Tencel Oxford pants, in which the fold of the hem suddenly split at Christmas) and need to be replaced, or if I'll just suddenly get Sick to Death of what is currently in the closet and need something new to perk things up. So I've learned to buy quality black fabric whenever I find it.

Then I came home and discovered that both outstanding mail-order purchases had arrived....and both vendors (Michael and Ann) had sent VERY GENEROUS cuts of the fabric I'd ordered; one was nearly double. Was I pleased! Of's marvelous fabric and it *will* get used. And, to my wonderment, the green I ordered from Michael (which is currently in the washing machine and therefore not pictured) looks pretty good with that lavender and green hexagonal print from Ann. I smell a jacket...

Anyway, the brain at once went to work to see what pattern would go with what fabric at the first available opportunity, and I think I've got the knits matched:

The orange/red hothouse flowers knit is an *amazing* piece of fabric; it's very lightweight and floaty, not knit-like at all, yet it drapes very nicely. I'd follow Ann's suggestion and make a skirt if I didn't need it to be a top for choir. But I think it'll make up very nicely in Vogue 2945. I'm going to check how it drapes just a little more before I cut it out, but that looks like a real possibility.

The hexagonal is a poly/lycra matte jersey; it's destined to be Simplicity 4074; the pattern is for a mock-wrap dress, but I think it would be easy to make it a true wrap; just do the right front twice.

I *think* I'm going to use the fuschia rayon/lycra jersey to make Vogue 2064 (the one w/both shoulders...). There's been some chatter about this pattern on the boards, and I've been meaning to make it from *something*...that fabric should be about perfect in weight and drape. But the pattern needs some, um, serious adjusting before I tackle it.

So...I've got to get busy and sew now to get back to parity...(and I still haven't counted a big piece of fabric Miss A gave me a couple of weeks ago...maybe I'm afraid to see how much is there...)


  1. Goodness, I know how that is! Great patterns selections, V2925 is one I really love - I've made every piece in that pattern and the skirt twice, which is really, really rare for me. The skirt is awesome - a fabric hog, but awesome!

  2. Lisa,

    I love your selections of fabric and patterns. I have the Sandra Betzina top as well--haven't tried it yet. Your orange/red hothouse flowers knit looks like it will be winner with that.

    As Summerset said, V2925 looks like a great pattern. I bought a skirt at Goody's just like that and love it. I never noticed this skirt before with this pattern. I will definitely be buying it at the next sale.

    Happy sewing this week!