Friday, April 06, 2007

An Aggravating Knit

I got both DD's one-seam sleep pants and my sleep shorts done to the hems; held up DD's and thought, wow, that looks small.

So I took it to drama practice with me last night; she was working on another project for HMC so I was able to get her to try them on.

She said they were too small, she wouldn't even walk out of the bathroom so I could *see* how much too small. I guess I'll hem them later and stick them into the box of clothes that younger DD has inherited from various sources and will grow into someday. Well, I thought, I just underestimated her size. She's not two sizes smaller than me after all.

Then I came home and tried on my shorts...from a pattern I've made several times, which fits fine. Those doggone shorts were, um, pretty snug. I think I can sleep in them, but no way would I wear them anywhere where I'd be *seen*.

Wazzup with that?

Now, the striped jersey was not nice to play curled and twisted, and I had a hard time laying it out so the stripes matched/ran straight. I think I must have stretched it out in trying to get it square and, after it was cut, the fabric relaxed back.

ETA: After thinking it over,suddenly, she remembers...the fabric was just a little too narrow when folded in half for me to place the one-seam pattern in my TNT size on it, so I fudged it in a half inch or so, thinking the stretch in the knit would allow me to cut it slightly smaller. HA!!! WRONG!!!

So maybe it wasn't completely the fabric's fault after all, and in my head I'm hearing the song lyrics,'Stupid, that was one could say that that was smart....' :rolleyes:

I think my pj's will end up with something usable, if not as cute as I had thought, and DD's will eventually get worn by her younger sister, but that doesn't solve the problem of getting DD something to take to Iceland. So, today I will pull some plaid flannel from the stash and try again...with a larger pattern. I may just lengthen my size; better a little big and baggy than too snug ;)

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  1. Oh wow, all that time and effort and now your other dd has a new pair of pj pants. Ugh. At least you have some nice flannel, which will undoubtedly be appreciated in Iceland!