Friday, February 23, 2007


So why'd it have to be THIS WEEK that the challenge goes out to post a photo of your sewing space exactly as it is at the moment??? I've made noise about needing to clean it, but haven't managed to do it, and now everyone wants to see it? *sigh*

Well, never let it be said I failed to meet the 'tis, in all it's, um, disarray. As you can see, I have a long, narrow space that serves both as laundry and sewing space; the only window in the room looks into the garage (I don't understand that, either...) I have a ridiculous amount of scrap and remnant fabric clogging the works; but some is worth keeping (Bible costumes), as it's big enough to use for sashes or head wraps. But it must be sorted...and there's the rub. Haven't managed to do that yet.

If you want to see what it looks like when it's neat and orderly, check Here....

So, anybody else brave enough to share their sewing room...right now? ;)


  1. If my sewing space was in my laundry room, I may get more laundry finished!

    I keep pushing things around to make room in my sewing area too - in fact, I just added to my piles today!

  2. Oh! Thanks for sharing your sewing space "as is". Having your sewing room in the laudry room makes it pretty covenient for prewashing fabric!

    We had a basement room once with a window that looked into the underside of the deck the previous owners had built...just as odd as your window looking into your garage.

  3. You've been sewing a lot lately, I wouldn't expect it to be neat as a pin. ;-) Looks like you nabbed a real pattern cabinet from someplace too ... cool! I love mine.

  4. Um, no, you don't want to see my space in "full production mode". Actually, I've posted it before.

    What I want to know is where did you get the pattern file cabinets?!?!? I can see the word "Simplicity" on one of them!

  5. I admire all you bloggers for sharing your space, untouched. I like the "Sew-aholic" poster--too cute. Can you post a close-up of it, to read the sayings? Or do you remember where you got it? Thanks for sharing.

    Jeannie W.

  6. I got the pattern catalog as a Christmas gift from DH about 4 years ago; Hancock's built a new store and sold off all the old pattern cabinets. It clunks when I pull the drawers out, but it holds LOTS of patterns ;)

    Jeannie, I'll try to post a close-up photo of the poster sometime this week. I got it from Nancy's Notions absolutely ages (15 years, maybe?) ago...

  7. Lisa,

    I was delighted to see that you have a Simplicity pattern cabinet--I do too. How did you acquire yours? In my case, I bought mine from Hancocks about 15 years ago when they were selling off the discontinued filing cabinets for something like $20.00 or so. I have been so glad to have this over the years.

  8. Arg! I said 'pattern catalog' in my earlier post...I meant 'pattern cabinet'...that's what I get for posting in a hurry! Sorry! Yes, that Simplicity pattern cabinet was a gift from my DH, purchased when Hancock's moved and got new ones. I think he paid $50 for it, something like 4 or 5 years ago.

    I keep patterns in the bottom two drawers, so it won't be top-heavy if I pull them all the way out. Notions and such are in the others.

    Or at least, notions and stuff are in the others when said notions and stuff are not strewn about the sewing room in wild disarray...

  9. Interesting reading your blogs-we have two simplicity pattern cabinets that we must sell as we are moving - any ideas on where to do that? we live in crofton, md

  10. we have two simplicity pattern filing cabinets that my husband use to use for tools - we are moving and must sell - we live in crofton, md - any ideas? I was thinking craigs list?