Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Silhouette Show

Last year, Peggy Sagers began having a 'Customer Appreciation' Fashion Show at the Expo...that is, she reserved the stage, then allowed anyone who made up a Silhouette Pattern to model the resulting garment...or garments, if they everyone could see the patterns made up on Real People. She even gave an incentive...a chance to win a free registration for one of her NYC Garment District shopping trips for anyone who participated. I couldn't do it last year because Miss A and I had to hotfoot it out of town so we could be back in the Rocket City in time for a conference (um, we were late...). But, this year I actually saved that time slot (it's at 3:15 on Friday) and I'm seriously considering taking a couple of things...the red holiday jacket being at the top of that list.

But...I think I'd feel kinda, um, well, you know, awkward doing the runway thing. Did anyone see that show last year? Was it fun or hokey?

At least I don't have to make my mind up on THAT one until I'm packing to go... ;)


  1. I took part in her fashion show last fall at the Virginia show. It was fun, chatty and relaxed, not "modelly" or "stagey". I'm sure they change based on the mix of people, but each time I've watched it (last year was my first year participating), it was the same way. I think you'll enjoy it.

  2. Thanks, Bettina! That helps...Peggy is a very approachable, chatty person, so that makes sense that she'd sponsor a fun 'Show 'N' Tell'.

    Right now, I think I'll do it...unless, of course, I chicken out. :eek:

  3. I haven't seen this particular show, but I've been in quite a few fashion shows. They are fun - you should do it! Take your garments get out there and work that runway! I have a blast doing shows - you should at least try it!