Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm Registered....Expo Agony, Part 3

I considered the 5-classes vs 9-classes for a day or so; but in the end, the final decision maker was that the primary reason for going to the Expo is to be taught...the secondary reason is meeting up with sewing friends. Buying fabric is just sort of a fun bonus.

There will always be fabric available somewhere...but I will not often get to be taught by such sharp and knowlegeable folks as are assembled at the Expo. Anyway, the upshot is that I decided to go for the nine class package. ;)

After I decided that, I looked at my list of classes and was glad to see that I would only need to eliminate one class. After reading and re-reading the class description, I decided the details class by Diane Ericson was the one least likely to be useful to me...I love to look at Diane's creations, but, in all honesty, I don't wear a lot of artsy stuff. Funky, yes, from time to time, but not artsy. Anyway, I decided to eliminate that and set about putting all the others into a schedule.

It wasn't until I tried to put two classes in the same time slot that I realized that I still had concurrent selections...and they were both classes I wanted a lot. Cynthia's linings class and Louise's travel wardrobe class. Since I was taking several classes w/Cynthia, and this was the only chance I had to take one w/Louise (the other options were the same time as one or the other of my 'must take' classes), I decided to take Louise's class.

So, now I had an open slot. I'd already talked myself out of the details class so well that I wasn't tempted to put that back in the list; so I started reading the catalog again for those other classes that had caught my eye.

And discovered that they ALL were offered in a time slot in which I already had a class. With one exception.

So I signed up for Cynthia's Backs First class after all. I guess I was just meant to be in that class. ;)

So, for those who are still with me and who might be attending the Atlanta Expo, here is the final list (assuming that none of them were full as of last night):

Thur - 9 - Backs First Fitting/Guffey
Thur - 10:30 - Off Grain, On Target/Guffey
Thur - 2:30 - Fashion Illustration Basics/Ericson

Fri - 9 - Cutting Across the Country/Cutting
Fri - 1 - Jeans for Everybody/Sagers

Sat - 12:30 - Fearless Buttonholes/Guffey
Sat - 2 - Leather Logic/O'Connell
Sat - 3:30 - Pants Tweaking/Guffey

I know that's a little Guffey intensive...but Cynthia has 10 classes in the brochure! Most of the instructors are only teaching 3 -4. One of these years, I will skip the expo and save my pennies and do one of Cynthia Guffey's sewing clinics in Baton Rouge. I will, I will, I will...

One more note about the Expo...Shannon Gifford, who is no slouch as a sewing instructor herself and has been asked about teaching at the Expo, has told me that the folks receive NO compensation for teaching the classes; the only money they make is from product sold in their booths. While my budget will be down, I do intend to buy *something* from each person from whom I take a class... ;)


  1. what fun! say hi to tammy (we go to the same pattern club meetings). she's a doll and really knows her stuff with leather and fur!

  2. Oh, cool!

    That got picked as the 'stretch my sewing envelope' class that I promised myself I would take this year.

    Will she bring leather, pleather, etc to sell? I'm hoping to get something to make the La Rue bag (oh, I'm getting brave).

  3. i dunno. the jitney tote bag is her pattern, and she has fantastic rolled leather handles in various colors. when is the expo?

  4. The Expo is March 8 - 10; it seems a fair distance off but I'm sure it'll be here before I know it!

    the Jitney bag sounds familiar...I'm not much of a bag lady (pun intended) so I can't remember where I heard it. But something is tickling the back of my brain telling me that I have seen that and thought it was kinda neat...maybe I'll have to do a search at PR... ;)

  5. Good for you! Please post how it goes for those of us who can't attend!

  6. I'm planning to post a full report, including pictures of any fabric I snag ;)

    Wish you could come!

  7. I'll be going to the Backs First class at 9 am on Thursday. I hope to see you there! (Carole from Artisan's Square).