Friday, January 26, 2007

Expo Agony

Every year it's the same. There is one extremely painful process associated with the Expo (besides paying the credit card bill after same)-- figuring out which classes to take and which classes I won't get to take. Yesterday, I thought I had my choices made, but this morning I began to waffle on it and now I'm starting over again.

Here's the list of all the classes that I really *want* to take:

Cynthia Guffey:
Backs First Fitting - Thur 9 AM
Off Grain, On Target - Thur 10:30 AM
Pants Tweaking - Thur 2:30 PM or Sat 3:30 PM
Lining Guides - Fri 9 AM
Solid Beginnings - Fri 10:30 AM
Skillful Stitching - Fri 2:30 PM
Sewing Workshop - Fri 6:30 this one counts as two and has a materials fee
Fearless Buttonholes - Sat 12:30 PM

Peggy Sagers:
Jeans for Everybody - Fri 1 PM
Speedy Sewing - Sat 2 PM

Diane Ericson:
Fashion Illustration - Thur 2:30 PM another double class with a fee
All in the Details - Fri 10:30 AM

Louise Cutting:
Cutting Edge - Thur 2:30 PM or Fri 4 PM
Across the Country - Fri 9 AM

And finally Tammy O'Connell's Leather Logic class, which is Thurs at 9 AM or Saturday at 2 PM.

Obviously, even if I had unlimited funds, I couldn't take all of them; they conflict. So now the problem becomes...what do I cut?

AAAiiiieeee, this is the hard part...


  1. Oh No! I had avoided opening the mailer and now, dear friend, you have posted the **important, do not miss** classes. What a horrible decision you are facing! I will be no help nor moral support to you in your time of great need. But the more classes you take the less time you have on the shopping floor so you'll actually be saving money if you take classes...(the devil make me say that) but there's a real logic to it...good luck!

  2. LOL! It sounds good, but I know better! Last year, we could only stay at the expo basically a day and a half; we had to leave by 3:30 on Friday. So I crammed all 9 of the 'Package B' classes into that time frame. I think I had a class in every available time slot except 2...and we used those for lunching out. And I still managed to spend plenty on the vendor floor. I just shopped faster... :P

  3. Um. Wow. That's is so tough. I've been to the one in Novi, MI and didn't have time to take classes, but the vendors were incredible! (I went because I was a Threads finalist and modeled my garment - no prize, but at least I got to go!). Good luck - I guess you'll have to decide what classes you'd actually use the info from the most and what you can just read up on in books.