Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Computer Glitchiness

It was an occasional unexpected reboot for months. "Unknown Device Driver" was the culprit, according to Microsoft's Online Crash Analysis.

Then, just before Christmas, the monitor would black out momentarily then come back on. We thought it was a problem with the screen, so, after we got back, DH switched the monitor w/the one in DS's room; but, no, the blackouts still happened. In about a week, that has escalated to severe problems w/the display/cpu interface. We may be talking something seriously fried...our budget program suddenly appears to be devoid of all data (shriek!)...and I managed to get on today only by doing a system restore to about 10 PM last night.

This looks serious.

Most of our stuff is on a removeable hard drive (not the budget data, unfortunately. We *thought* it was running off the 2nd drive, but discovered this morning that it wasn't), so most of our files should be ok...eventually...and I'm going to go pull the last printout I used to balance the files out of the trash so I have the current balances on hand, at least...

Anyway, I'll post as I can...if I don't post, you can blame it on computer problems.

But, there's a silver lining...if I can't spend time on the net reading sewing blogs and boards, maybe I'll actually sew a little... ;)

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