Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back to Monday Night Cutting

I wasn't sure I could maintain the Monday Night Cutting; DH withdrew from his Monday evening Bible study; just not enough hours in a week. He was so pressed for time that he wasn't doing the preparation for it and wasn't getting nearly the full benefit; I was sad for him to withdraw, but I know he's got enough on his plate without it. So, my 'evening at home alone' went away. Plus, I signed up for a ladies' exercise class at church that meets on Monday evenings (gotta do something about those scary scale numbers). But, when I went I found out that class only goes from 6 - 7...it's not an evening devouring thing.

So,after I got home last night, I happily pulled out the cutting table and cut out four knit shirts (3 for me, one for DD). I have hopes of maintaining my Table Time after all;).

Now I've got a sizeable queue...in the still messy sewing room. I've cleaned a bit, but there's still a lot to do. However, I've GOT to get those Thank-you gifts done and distributed this week...I gave Miss L her bag, and it'd been so long that she forgot what she'd done that I was thanking her for!

Um, that's kinda pathetic that it took that long...but, as a result, she was Really Surprised to get her bag! A gift from the blue...that part was fun.

I wonder if the other ladies will remember?


  1. Lisa...check your email...I answered, but want to be sure it went through:)

  2. Lisa, I'm testing by sending the next round from three different email addys. Let me know which one or ones arrive. We'll get to the bottom of this:)