Friday, December 01, 2006

Once more, with feeling...

Ok, I blew it. Started one load of laundry yesterday, then suddenly remembered I had a major writing assignment with a deadline I basically spent the day at the computer.

The 2006 Family Christmas Epistle is now ready for the last two approvals...DD and DS...and signatures and it will be ready to mass produce for distribution. I really like to get all the cards in the mail by the 10th; dunno if I'll make it or not but the letter HAD to get written if I were going to have even a chance.

So...I'll hit the laundry today.

Oh, I did manage a run to Hancock's for a zipper.

I left with a zipper, a pattern (Vogue 8332) and 1 1/8 yds of black stretch velvet. The pattern and the velvet were on sale; I have a sneaky suspicion (from the 'Been there, done that' file) that DD is going to come home early next week and tell me that she needs to wear a black skirt and white top to the 5th grade choir Christmas concert. I intend to be ready...and I'm going to have black thread in the serger anyway for the spooky costume.

I'm thinking I'm going to make her a scaled down version of Loes Hinse's Swing Skirt; I think I could actually draft one for her with out too much trouble.

And with any luck, I'll have enough remnants of black stretch velvet to make contrasting neckline bands on my planned black-and-white stripe Cadeau top... ;)


  1. Like the pattern! Yes, I get the same requests from my children: "Thus and such is going at school. I need (fill in the blank) outfit to wear." They know not to ask the night before, but in advance I do try to get something done!

  2. Oh, it's usually not the night before, just the week before...for some reason, that seems to be when the directors of these things get around to telling the kids 'everyone needs to wear black pants or a black skirt and a white top' if everyone age 10 OWNS black pants and white tops. Ah,well, even if she ends up not needing it, DD will be pleased with a stretch velvet skirt. ;)