Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Choir Skirt

I finally got a photo of DD in her stretch velvet skirt after last night's Christmas program...I posted the photo and review at PatternReview. She was pleased with her skirt, but doesn't like the fact that she *must* wear a slip with it or static electricity causes it to adhere like a wet t-shirt. It's an elegant looking skirt that I think cost $9, and, if I'm careful, I *think* I could still get a cap sleeve T for her from the remnants, which would (another reason for the currently cut-out cheapo knit test of the Jalie t in her size).

But I need to photo document the flounce drafting process next time I do it; I've had two or three questions about it in the review comments. I've drafted flounces/circle skirts with plain 'ol geometry several times; It really isn't difficult...just needs a good calculator, an accurate compass and a little patience ;).

This made such a nice skirt for DD that I think I'll make a couple more from some interlock I've got hanging around it the stash...probably after Christmas.

ETA: (By request).... Here's the link for the photo: Choir Skirt.


  1. I was catching up on your blog yesterday during a lull at work when your entry on the black and white concert ensemble needed by your DD hit me upside the head. My own DD has a concert tomorrow night! Went home and you can just insert a duplicate of the conversation with your DD. So needless to say last night was spent shopping, otherwise known as Chinese water torture. She doesn't let me sew for her.
    But, thanks for the reminder! Bet you didn't realize your blog was so helpful in more ways than sewing!

  2. Post the finished skirt here? I don't go to that site any more.