Thursday, September 07, 2006

Confession Time

Check out the 'Fabric In' total...yikes.

I was naughty yesterday.

While out and about on the other end of town, I decided to see if the rumours I'd heard of fantastic sales at Hancock's were true. I thought I'd see if I could find a knit with the 'spa blue and chocolate brown' combo that is so popular...but didn't figure it was very likely.

It wasn't...but what I *did* find was a 2 yard piece of B.Black and Sons taupe wool gabardine on the $3.95 table. That stuff was originally priced at $12.95/yd...I grabbed it (top middle of the photo) and I believe I'll be using it to make the Hot Patterns Trouser Skirt. But, you know, fabric is relational, much like a girl, and never wants to leave alone, so I had to get a couple of other pieces to keep it company: a Main Street Fabrics tattersal menswear wool suiting (on the top left in the really is black/grey/olive tattersal) also at $3.95/yd, and (on the other side) a piece of a poly/lycra print jersey for $2.95/yd to make a wrap-style dress.

Then I got home and found that my Fabric Mart order had arrived...

I'm NOT counting the 10 yards of cream satin in my stash; that's for church costumes. It cost $22.46, which I'm transferring to the 'Super Bundle' for accounting purposes and so it was free anyway. The 12-yard 'super bundle' actually had more yardage in it than I expected, and there was one outstanding, creme de la creme piece: a two-inches-short-of-three-yards length of mauve silk charmeuse jacquard. Wow! The black triacetate was semi-sheer, and I got 3.5 yards of it. The miscellaneous suiting is a piece of light lime green/white boucle...and they sent 5 1/8 yards. That's not a color I would normally wear; I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I'm guessing it's acrylic or an acrylic blend...maybe I'll do a burn test to find out. The rayon print is also semi-sheer, and I got almost 4 yards of it. I'm thinking I'll layer the black and the rayon print somehow...the boucle would make a very nice suit, but I'm not sure about the color on me. It *might* work...

Anyway, there was a total of 15.375 yards in the 12-yard bundle...

I can see I'm going to have to sew really hard to achieve parity this year. The bundles have done me in... ;)

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  1. Ohhh, Lisa, I love fabric shopping but am on a major strict diet (only a few pieces from the F&N coop) for most of the year. Thanks for the vicarious "fix"...Nice haul today!