Friday, September 22, 2006

Blue Thread Next

Doesn't everybody plan their sewing queue around what color of thread is in the serger? The Bible costume sewing required black thread to finish up one of the projects, so I switched to I sewed the two black mourning robes I had...then I changed the left needle to brown, left the rest black, and made a dark brown robe, then I switched to red thread to blend with the salmon-colored (a couple of the kids have brought me...unusual...color combos) fabric that became the vest to go with the robe, so while the red thread is in I'll do the red sashes that go with the heavenly robes. Next, I'll swtich to blue thread to do the other sashes, which are dark puple...and after that, I've got cream and white.

So, whilst the blue thread is in the machine I think I'll slip in one of my cut-out sweater projects. Yeah, I'll have to switch thread after all; the navy is too dark for the 'Newman Blue' sweater rib, but since I'd have to switch thread to cream at that point anyway it's no biggie.

If the sweater set goes together quickly, I might just go ahead and do the sweater coat, while the medium blue thread is in the serger, you know... ;)


  1. And here I thought I was the only one who decided what to sew next based on the color thread in my serger! Glad to hear I'm in good company.

  2. Oh, yeah! Me too! Right now I have a blend of pink and cream in mine, and it is holding up my other projects! I must sew my pink projects this weekend!